Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate Cookie Setting

Plot Outline
There is a kingdom far away where everything is made of cookies and desserts. Life is easy and happy. Even though the kingdom is made of cookies, the townspeople all eat vegetables and get a lot of exercise. There is a king (but no queen) and his daughter, Princess Paige. One day a big monster comes and starts to eat all the buildings. He is a very hungry monster and he keeps yelling about how hungry he is. With every cookie house he eats, he gets bigger and slower. Eventually he makes his way to the town square where he can reach many buildings. Now that he doesn't need to move any more he just stays put and keeps growing. Princess Paige has an idea. She puts the monster on a ration of cookies and starts to feed him vegetables. She gets all the little kids in town to invite the monster to play games with them. Soon the monster starts to shrink because of his new healthy eating habits and exercise. He keeps getting smaller until he is tiny. The townspeople put a leash on him and give him to Princess Paige as a pet, so he can never get big and destroy the kingdom again.

The reason I didn't write out my actual story is because this is a work in progress that I feel very strongly about. I would like to pursue publishing once I have finished writing, and I think it might cause problems later on if my story appears on a blog.

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  1. Love your story synopsis! It's too funny though...I did write a story for this topic as well, but also did no want to post it because I think it has potential to be published too! It's completely different from yours though, which is also so interesting that we both had the same topic and went in completely different directions with it! I finished the first draft of it within 3 hours...I was so into it! I just have to do my revisions now...and illustrations...yikes! That may be a challenge! You're so creative! Good luck on your journey with this one!